From 15th June 2020 Cornwall Engine Company

                   transfered to

                Helston Diesel Ltd.


               It continues to operate as normal from

             Cardrew Industrial Estate, Redruth

              and 01209 314606 is still the phone number to use,

or e-mail cornwallengines@gmail.com


If you need to contact Cornwall Engine Company about a matter from before

15th June 2020 please e-mail - info@cornwallengine.co.uk 



Services >> Crankshaft regrinding

Crankshaft regrinding

The crankshaft undergoes high loading due to the fact that it transforms the linear loading of the pistons into a usable rotational motion.

In time it will wear. Rather than replace this relatively expensive part, the surfaces can be reground.

This regrinding is a specialized process as the grinding wheel needs to travel horizontally - while the crank rotates.

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